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30/08/16 - Research
Personalised nutrition approach
People receiving personalised nutrition advice develop healthier eating habits including consuming less red meat and reducing their salt intake, according to a study published in the International...
30/08/16 - Research
Diagnosing obesity
Despite a growing epidemic, many medical providers fail to diagnose obesity in their patients and miss an opportunity to identify an important component of long-term health, according to a University...
30/08/16 - Research
Female weight and cancer
The duration of overweight and obesity in women's adult lives is associated with cancer risk, according to a longitudinal study published in PLOS Medicine. The study, led by Melina Arnold of the...
30/08/16 - Research
Vitamin D and obesity
Obese women have significantly greater total vitamin D stores than normal-weight women, although the pattern of distribution of the stores is similar, according to a study published in the Journal of...
30/08/16 - Research
Engineered gut bacteria
A new therapy that involves engineered gut bacteria may one day help reduce the health problems that come with obesity, according to research, ‘Altering the microbiota for weight control’, presented...
27/06/17 - Policy
Scientific Statement
A Scientific Statement issued by the Endocrine Society has called for more research aimed specifically at understanding the underlying mechanisms that make it difficult to maintain long-term weight...
26/06/17 - Research
When KM Venkat Narayan first began studying type 2 diabetes in the early 1990s, it was considered a disease of adults in affluent countries. Today diabetes has spread to every country in the world,...
26/06/17 - Research
Insulin and the brain
Insulin in the brain may help regulate the hunger sensation and improve functional connectivity in the default-mode network (DMN), as well as in the hippocampus and hypothalamus, according to the...

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