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27/05/16 - Research
Obalon balloon
Patients who had a BMI30-40 lost nearly 7 percent of their weight, on average, after using the Obalon 6-Month Balloon System (Obalon Therapeutics), according to research presented at Digestive...
26/05/16 - Research
Virtual reality in medicine
The race for free and global digital access to information is over with the internet, mobile phones and Google Search addressing the issue of “just in time” problem solving through access to relevant...
26/05/16 - Research
Sponsored article
Dr Rudolf Steffen is a bariatric and metabolic surgeon at the Hirslanden Klinik Beau-Site in Bern, Switzerland, one of the leading centres in the country for bariatric and metabolic surgery. Since...
23/05/16 - Community
European Obesity Day
European Obesity Day 2016, which took place on May 21, has helped to considerably increase awareness of obesity and the benefits of bariatric surgery. The annual event, which takes place on the third...
23/05/16 - Research
Overstitch revision surgery
Dumping syndrome is a common postoperative complication of gastric surgery procedures. The syndrome is class-divided in early and late dumping. Early dumping syndrome occurs shortly after ingestion...
27/04/17 - Policy
Postprandial hyperinsulinemia hypoglycaemia
American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) has issued a Position statement on postprandial hyperinsulinemia hypoglycaemia after bariatric surgery for the purpose of enhancing...
27/04/17 - Research
Centers of Excellence outcomes
There is widespread variation in post-operative outcomes among bariatric centres of excellence in the US, according to a study published by researchers from the University of Michigan. The...
27/04/17 - Industry
Robotic hernia repair
TransEnterix has expanded the clinical adoption of the Senhance Robotic Surgical System to include a full range of hernia repair surgeries. Hernia repairs represent one of the largest procedural...

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