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22/01/20 - Research
Obesity a communicable disease?
Non-communicable diseases such as heart disease, cancer and lung disease are the most common causes of death, accounting for 70 percent of deaths worldwide, and are considered ‘non-communicable’...
17/01/20 - Research
lorcaserin cancer risk
The US Food and Drug Administration has announced that the prescription weight control medicine lorcaserin (Belviq, Belviq XR) may increase the risk for cancer, according to the results of a clinical...
16/01/20 - Research
Weight and steatosis
One in five young people have fatty liver disease (steatosis), with one in 40 having already developed liver scarring (fibrosis), according to a study led by researchers from the researchers from the...
16/01/20 - Research
Post-surgical interventions
A study involving tens of thousands of bariatric surgery patients found that RYGB patients were significantly more likely than sleeve gastrectomy (SG) patients to return to hospital in the years...
15/01/20 - Research
Eradicating fat
The Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) laboratory that invented cryolipolisis or ‘Coolsculpting’, a popular non-surgical method for reducing fat under the skin, is developing a new form of the...
23/01/20 - Research
Post-bariatric body shape
Utilising the Artec EVA three-dimensional (3D) mobile imaging scanner can provide an objective and reproducible source for the detection of body shape changes after bariatric surgery, according to...
22/01/20 - Research
Sunlight and metabolic health
Exposure to light regulates how two kinds of fat cells work together to produce the raw materials that all other cells use for energy and disruptions to this fundamental process appear to have a...
22/01/20 - Research
Adolescent mental health
A long-term study of adolescent mental health following bariatric surgery suggests that although the surgery can improve many aspects of health, alleviation of mental health problems should not be...

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