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14/10/19 - Event
OAGB-MGB Masterclass
Despite the growing trend in the utilization of the One anastomosis gastric bypass /Mini gastric bypass (OAGB/MGB), it is interesting to observe that many bariatric surgeons still have a...
15/10/19 - Research
Obesity risk
A multi-national study led by experts at Cincinnati Children's has shown how adult severe obesity risk rates vary by sex, race and other factors identifiable in childhood. The study, led by...
09/10/19 - Research
GERD and concomitant hiatal hernia repair
EndoGastric Solutions has announced the publication of clinical data confirming that concomitantly performed hiatal hernia (HH) repair and the Transoral Incisionless Fundoplication (TIF 2.0)...
09/10/19 - Research
ABCD EndoBarrier Registry
GI Dynamics has announced positive data from the Association of British Clinical Diabetologists (ABCD) Worldwide EndoBarrier Registry evaluating the benefit: risk of EndoBarrier, presented by Dr...
09/10/19 - Research
Some studies have demonstrated that biliopancreatic diversion has been better at reducing diabetes compared to Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, because it typically causes greater weight loss. However,...
16/10/19 - Research
Birth defects
Children born to women who underwent gastric bypass surgery before becoming pregnant had a lower risk of major birth defects than children born to women with severe obesity at the start of their...
15/10/19 - Research
Cancer and weight risk
The risk of cancer increases considerably if a person gains weight before the age of 40 with the risk of endometrial cancer increasing by 70 percent, according to an international study, headed by...
14/10/19 - Research
A newly-tested medical device, called Sleeveballoon, mimics the effects of traditional bariatric surgery in rodents and produces impressive results on body weight, fatty liver and diabetes control,...

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