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12/04/17 - Research
Most people in the United States believe obesity the result of a poor self-control, according to a survey by the National Opinions Research Center: three-quarters of the people surveyed attributed...
06/04/17 - Research
Low-calorie, artificial sweeteners appear to play havoc with the body’s metabolism and large consumption of these sugar substitutes could promote fat accumulation especially in people who are already...
05/04/17 - Research
Non-invasive electromagnetic brain stimulation - called deep transcranial magnetic stimulation (dTMS) - helps obese people lose weight partly by changing the composition of their gut microbiota,...
10/04/17 - Industry
Product launch
Bariatric Solution has introduced a gastric calibration tube specifically for the use in sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass and mini gastric bypass. According to the company, current gastric...
06/04/17 - Research
A simple test to determine a person's grip strength may be a predictor of developing metabolic disorders in middle or older age, a cross-continental study has found. A team led by researcher Dr Mark...
12/04/17 - Research
Obesity and sugar
Public debate around obesity has become dangerously fixated with sugar, according to one of the UK's leading experts on obesity and diabetes. The latest NHS statistics show that obesity prevalence in...
12/04/17 - Research
A high concentration of indolepropionic acid in the serum protects against type 2 diabetes, according to a study from the University of Eastern Finland. Indolepropionic acid is a metabolite produced...
11/04/17 - Research
BBC programme
On Tuesday 11th April at 9-10pm, BBC2 will broadcast a documentary highlighting the poor access to surgery experienced by people in England and Wales. Specially, the programme will report how people...

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