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25/05/18 - Research
Cancer risk
Researchers from Norway have reported that putting no weight increases the risk of cancer for middle-aged women.  The results of the study were presented at the European Congress on Obesity, in...
25/05/18 - Research
Obesity and cancer
Some 15,000 new cancer cases are diagnosed in Brazil each year, and researchers have reported that approximately 4 percent of these cases could be avoided by reducing overweight and obesity. The...
25/05/18 - Research
Behaviour and physiology
Successful weight loss maintainers have different behavioural and physiological responses to food than people with obesity and their lean counterparts, according to research by the University of...
23/05/18 - Research
Overweight and obesity risk
Spanish researchers have developed a new food-based score that is strongly associated with long-term risk of overweight or obesity across adulthood, according to research being presented at this year...
23/05/18 - Research
Obesity epidemic
In 27 years from now, almost a quarter of the global population will be obese, according to research presented at the European Congress on Obesity in Vienna, if current trends continue 22 percent of...
25/05/18 - Research
Abdominal fat
An international research team has identified a novel adipokine that favours the development of insulin resistance and systemic inflammation, according to research published their results in the...
25/05/18 - Research
Weight loss industry
Researchers investigating the legality of on-pack nutrition and health claims routinely found on commercially available meal replacement shakes for sale in the UK, but that more than three-quarters...
25/05/18 - Research
Nasal device
The daily use of a novel nasal device to reduce the user’s ability to smell can induce weight loss and changes to dietary preferences in people aged 50 years and under, according to a study conducted...

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