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05/12/19 - Research
Physical activity and T2DM risk
Daily exercise at moderate intensity is associated with beneficial levels of a hormone that may lower risk of diabetes, according to researchers from the University of Copenhagen, together with...
05/12/19 - Research
Macrovascular complications
Bariatric surgery could significantly reduce long-term macrovascular complications along with greater weight loss and better intermediate glucose outcomes among patients with severe obesity and T2DM...
04/12/19 - Research
Approximately one in five adolescents US adolescents (aged 12-18 years) and one ins four of young adults (aged 19-34 years) have prediabetes, according to a study by researchers from the Centers for...
03/12/19 - Industry
Product launch
Ethicon, a Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices company, has launched Vistaseal Fibrin Sealant (Human) to help surgeons manage bleeding during surgery. Vistaseal Fibrin Sealant (Human) contains a...
03/12/19 - Research
Global bariatric tourism
Global bariatric tourism accounts for at least 2% of worldwide bariatric procedures and is driven by affordability and long waiting lists, according to researchers from Poland, Mexico, the USA and...
06/12/19 - Research
Obesity and brain inflammation
Researchers using MRI have found signs of damage that may be related to inflammation in the brains of obese adolescents, according to a study presented at the annual meeting of the Radiological...
06/12/19 - Research
Surgery and subclinical heart function
The benefits of bariatric surgery for patients with obesity go beyond weight loss, according to a study, ‘Benefits of bariatric surgery on subclinical myocardial function using global longitudinal...
05/12/19 - Research
Baylor College of Medicine researchers have shown that in a study in mice that a different molecular level of regulation - epigenetics - plays a key role in determining one's innate drive to exercise...

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