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Snapshot of Brazil

A recent report released by the Brazil's Ministry of Health stated that nearly half (48.5%) of the Brazilian population was overweight, an increase from 42.7% in 2007.

Bariatric surgery in…

Bariatric surgery in Russia is safe and the number of procedures is increasing according to data from the Russian National Bariatric Registry.

Lindes Callejas-Diaz

Lindes Callejas-Diaz is a specialist clinical pharmacist and she talks about some of the specific challenges she faces while treating overweight and obese patients.

Head to head

An article in issue 11 of Bariatric News raised a debate among our readers - is psychosocial assessment always necessary?

Pradeep Chowbey

In September 2012, the XVIII World Congress of the International Federation for the Surgery for Obesity and Metabolic Disorders will be held in New Delhi, India. We spoke to the congress president, Dr Pradeep Chowbey.

Antonio Torres

Bariatric News talks to Antonio Torres, President of the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders.

Spotlight on Asia

A paper from a paper published in the Journal of Obesity entitled ‘Rising Burden of Obesity in Asia’, reports that overweight and obesity have reached epidemic proportions in many Asian countries.

Bariatric surgery in...

The dramatic rise of diabetes in Qatar has resulted in an increase in the number of bariatric procedures. We discuss development of the specialty with Dr Michel Gagner...

Karl Miller

Bariatric News speaks to Karl Miller about a, s, d, and f

Spotlight on Europe

Bariatric News reports on the state of bariatric care in Europe, finding doctors battling a troubling epidemic with sophisticated use of public data.