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05/10/17 - Research
Gastric bypass
A study by a team of researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Engineering in Medicine (MGH-CEM) and Shriners Hospital for Children has made a technological advancement toward...
03/10/17 - Research
TEMPO outcomes
Four-year follow-up data from TEMPO (TIF EsophyX vs Medical PPI Open Label), a prospective, randomised, multi-centre clinical study has confirmed the long-term control of chronic gastroesophageal...
03/10/17 - Research
Food and T2DM
Metabolic fingerprints from blood samples could render important new knowledge on the connection between food and health, with a recent study reporting that diet is one of the strongest predictors of...
03/10/17 - Research
Obesogenic diet
When investigating the factors associated with the growing epidemic of obesity in the world over the last decade, scientists have identified two events that greatly contribute to weight gain. One is...
03/10/17 - Research
Liraglutide injection
Liraglutide injection, a prescription medication used to treat type-2 diabetes and obesity is associated with marked slowing of stomach emptying and is an effective weight loss therapy. These are the...
18/10/17 - Research
Contraception and bariatric surgery
Many women do not follow the guidelines to prevent pregnancy for an 18-month period following bariatric surgery, according to researchers examining post-surgery contraceptive practices and conception...
18/10/17 - Research
Pain thresholds and obesity
Healthcare professionals should consider pain thresholds and tolerance of pain when treating severely obese patients for acute or chronic pain, according to a study by researchers from Leiden...
18/10/17 - Research
Gut fungi
A high-fat diet changes fungi in the gut and may play a role in the development of obesity, according to a study in mSphere, a journal of the American Society for Microbiology. While gut microbes...

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